generation Boon Or Curse?

today era has been used international huge to gain the unexpected with the assist of computer systems. laptop generation allows us in getting matters carried out the clean manner and making us feel exact. What become not manageable few years returned is now carried out with the lick of the mouse.however era if used as a boon can make desires come real just like the making of Avatar and may be a curse if used for destruction of humans and other living organisms. generation can help make the sector a better residing area with a lot to provide if used in the ideal manner. let the boon of technology assist us attain what we want and not do matters that we might curse after it is done.We see the world as techno savvy 25 years any longer wherein matters nobody has imagined will take place with the help of this generation and assist the motive of green earth and make it a reality with this era. So let us all come together and ensure that this era is used no longer to destruct but to create marvels anybody in this earth will bear in mind for ever and make a mark in thousands and thousands of people all across the globe.i’ve this vision of ways the earth may be with the approaching technologies and may this vision come real in order that our children can also thank us for something we’ve got achieved for them with this technology and take it ahead from there. All stated and completed generation is and will be our destiny.