advantages and disadvantages of era

in the current time humans can’t believe their lifestyles with out generation. Surrounding us diverse technologies are assisting human beings to stay their lifestyles with greater luxury. The era region has changed and advanced many merchandise. The technology is providing many blessings however also it has some risks. right here we are able to discuss approximately each -AdvantagesThere are numerous blessings of technology likeEasier lifestyles – With technological machine human beings are becoming assist in every sector. vehicles and bikes are assisting people to attain anywhere quick. airplane and superfast trains were decreased distance between cities and nations. pc and net are providing facts in simplest way additionally it has modified way of conversation. Now people are doing video conferencing and chatting to communicate with their buddies and circle of relatives used conversation era.Lesser errors – Machines are assisting people to make lesser mistakes. Robots or machines are operating correctly and also you simply want to program them with proper facts. Like in manufacturing of any automobile most of producing organizations are the use of automated machines which comply with guidance of pc or that man or woman who’s working the gadget. And all work gets achieved Time – technologies are saving our time, for an instance you may flew anywhere inside the world in lesser time. With computer you can do any paintings in lesser time and additionally it help to decorate excellent and offer recommendations. Machines are helping people in kitchen too – like Oven and those are also saving time.DisadvantagesEvery one is aware of that technology is very helpful but it has a few disadvantages too. due to the fact many agencies have adopted automatic machines on the way to improve their production with accuracy. As a result many humans misplaced their addition residence maids are dropping their activity because robotic machines are doing their task. owner need to pay one time simplest at the same time as maid receives a commission for each month.however machines and robots look cheaper and appropriate to apply but, when any technical trouble happens in gadget or robot, it took a lot time to fix it and also it is able to be expensive.As we observed that in era sector, there are many blessings and disadvantages, even then human beings can’t consider their life without technology along with me.